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Fitting and Templating

Precision Cutting & Templating for Custom Worktops

Fitting and Templating Services


Firstly we will schedule a convenient date and time for your granite worktop templating and cutting service with our expert team. Upon arrival, we'll address any queries to ensure clarity before commencement. Our use of transparent cortex material allows for precise positioning of appliances and provides you with a clear view of the proposed worktop dimensions, ensuring perfect alignment and the opportunity for any last-minute adjustments.


Choosing the right material is crucial, and we facilitate this by offering samples of most options. For a more hands-on selection experience, we welcome you to visit local suppliers to handpick your preferred granite slab.


Once finalised, our templates are meticulously crafted and taken to our workshop, where they are shaped with precision using advanced saws and CNC machinery. We offer the flexibility of conducting all necessary work either in our workshop or on-site, adapting to the specific requirements of your project for an impeccable finish.

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