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Precision Siliconing Services for a Flawless Finish

Siliconing Services

Our specialised siliconing services ensure a watertight seal, preventing water damage and bacterial growth in the seams of your worktops.


Are your worktops looking tired and grubby from old mouldy silicone?

Our team uses a mould resistant silicone which is also low modulus so it does not bleed into any natrual stones and marbles We also try and colour match to your stone worktops giving it a seamless looks to make your worktops looks brand new!






  1. First of all we remove all the old silicone.

  2. Then we give your workshops a deep clean making sure all the residue is off the worktops.

  3. Then we make sure you’re happy with the desired colour to match your worktops.

  4. Then we apply making sure the application is done using the correct tools for the prefect finish.


The benefits of using high quality silicone

Silicone sealants exhibit superior adaptability to temperature variations compared to traditional rubber sealants, offering enhanced bonding capabilities across a diverse range of materials. Their resilience to thermal expansion, contraction, wind stress, and even seismic activity renders them an indispensable material in modern construction and sealing applications.

The flexibility and robustness of silicone sealant provide exceptional insulation against temperature extremes, contributing to a building's thermal efficiency. This stability under various thermal conditions ensures a longevity that surpasses that of standard rubber sealants.

The final aesthetic is crucial, and silicone sealants excel in providing a refined finish. Available in over 60 colors, silicone sealants not only complement interior designs but integrate seamlessly, ensuring that the final touch on your worktops is one of subtle elegance and professional quality.

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