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Our Services


Chip Repair

Our granite chip repair services seamlessly restore the pristine condition of your worktops. Utilising advanced techniques and the finest materials, we expertly match the texture and colour of your granite, ensuring a virtually undetectable repair. Trust us to rejuvenate your surfaces, maintaining their elegance and durability.


Fitting & Templating

Our fitting and templating service for granite worktops is meticulous and precise. We ensure a perfect fit for your space, using detailed templates and expert fitting techniques. Our skilled team guarantees a seamless installation, transforming your kitchen with beautifully crafted, durable granite that epitomises elegance and functionality.


Hob Cutting

Our hob cutting service for stone and granite worktops combines precision and aesthetics. Skilled in creating exact openings for hobs, we ensure a snug, seamless integration into your worktop. This service enhances functionality while maintaining the luxurious appearance of your stone or granite surfaces, perfect for modern kitchens.


Edge Restoration & Buffing

Our edge restoration service revitalises the beauty of your worktops and surfaces. Specialising in repairing chips, wear, and damage, we meticulously restore edges to their original splendour. Using advanced techniques, we match the existing finish, ensuring a seamless and elegant restoration that rejuvenates the overall look of your space.


Cutting & Drilling

Our cutting and drilling services are precision-personified, tailored to cater to your specific needs. Employing state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver immaculate cuts and drills in various materials, ensuring perfect fittings for any installation. This service is ideal for customising worktops, creating bespoke designs, and facilitating seamless appliance integration.



Our siliconing and sealant services provide the finishing touches to your worktops, ensuring a polished and durable finish. Expertly applied, our high-quality sealants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also protect against water damage and wear. Trust our skilled team to deliver a seamless, long-lasting seal for your surfaces.

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